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KEYNOTE 1 - The Network of the Future – European Research in Framework Programme 7

Dr. Peter Stuckmann (European Commission, DG-INFSO)


Peter Stuckmann received his engineering degree in 1999 and his doctor's degree in 2003 both from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Aachen University, Germany.
He is currently Project Officer with the European Commission, Directorate-General Information Society and Media, where he is involved in European Research Programme Management. Before joining the European Commission in 2004 he has occupied several engineering and managerial positions both in industry and academia. From 1999 until 2003 he has served as a Research Engineer at the Chair of Communication Networks of Aachen University, where he has led the research group "Mobile Packet Data Services" and has been responsible for several research projects funded by the German and European government and clients from industry. From 2003 on he has been working with AixCom GmbH as a Project Manager responsible for the product group "Radio Network Planning Tools". In 2004 he has been with France Telecom R&D as a Project Manager responsible for research activities in the area of radio interface engineering.
Dr. Stuckmann is the author of the text book "The GSM Evolution", Wiley & Sons, 2002, 2 book contributions, more than 20 journal and conference publications and one patent. He is member of the IEEE and the German VDE/ITG.

KEYNOTE 2 - The Promise of Sensor Networks to Revolutionize our Environment: Applications and Research Challenges

Prof. Aris M. Ouksel (The University of Illinois at Chicago)


Aris M. Ouksel is currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He holds positions at both the Information and Decision Sciences Department and the Computer Science Department. He obtained his PhD and MS degrees from Northwestern University. His current research interests are in Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Emergent Semantics in Heterogeneous Information Systems, Self-Organizing Data Structures in Peer-to-Peer Architectures, and Information Economics. He has received grants from the National Science Foundation, various state and city agencies, as well as several major corporations. He is currently editor at the following journals: International Journal of E-Business Research, Idea Group (2003---), Journal of Parallel and Distributed Syst, Kluwer Inc. (2000----). He was editor of the Journal of Knowledge and Info.  Syst.,   Springer-Verlag. (1998-2003).

KEYNOTE 3 -UltraBroadBand Home Area Networks

Mr. Martial Bellec (France Telecom, France)


Martial Bellec joined France Telecom R&D in 2005 as Home Area Networks research project manager. He is also implied in standardisation and research activities for Broadband Wireless Access. Before, he was technology manager within Renesas Semiconductors, a Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi Mobile Phone semiconductor subsidiary, where he acted as system engineer for 3G platforms from a core technology perspective. Previously, Martial managed R&D teams focused on satellite set top box technologies, DECT radio, and radio local loop systems within Philips Research and Sodielec Telecom. He holds several patents in digital communications and has published numerous papers for IEEE, ETSI, and 3GPP. Martial received a M.Sc. from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, in Brest, 1987, France.

PANEL 1 - WiMax and 3GPP LTE: How are they related ?

Prof. Bernhard Walke (RWTH Aachen, Germany )


Bernhard H. Walke is running the Chair for Communication Networks (ComNets) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, where about 30 researchers work on topics like air-interface design, development of tools for stochastic event driven simulation and analytical performance evaluation of services and protocols of wireless systems. Most of this work continuously has been funded from 3rd parties' grants. He is author of the 2002 book “Mobile Radio Networks – Networking, Protocols and Traffic Performance” and first author of the 2006 book “IEEE 802 Wireless Systems: Protocols, Multi-Hop Mesh/Relaying, Performance and Spectrum Coexistence”. He has been a board member of ITG/VDE, is a Senior Member of IEEE and has served as Programme Committee and Steering Committee Chair of various conferences like the European Wireless (EW) conference that he co-founded. In 2005 he was the Scientific Chair of IEEE-PIMRC 2005, Berlin. His group has substantially contributed to the development of standards like ETSI/GPRS, ETSI/BRAN HiperLAN2, CEN TC 278 DSRC (electronic fee collection), IEEE 802.11e, 802.16 and 802.15.3. From 2001 -2003 he was an elected Chair of Working Group 4 (New Technologies) of the Wireless World Research Forum. Prior to joining academia, he worked for 18 years in various industry positions at AEG Telefunken (now EADS AG). He holds a Dr. (1975) degree in information engineering from University of Stuttgart, Germany.

PANEL 2 - Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Networks: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Didier Bourse (Motorola, France)


Didier Bourse currently holds the position of Project Manager on “Cognitive Radio Systems” inside SRL Lab of Motorola Labs-Paris. He received his diploma degree in telecommunications in 1992 from ENSTBr (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, France) and obtained his PhD degree in 1997 from IRCOM (Institut de Recherche en Communications Optiques et Micro-ondes, France). In 1997 he joined Thomson-CSF Communications and worked in the field of military tactical SDR. He was member of NATO FM3TR Technical Group. He was in 2000 the French Technical Manager of a French-German contract dedicated to a SDR Demonstrator realization. He joined Motorola in January 01 and was the Technical Manager of the European research project IST-TRUST for SDR. He prepared the IST-SCOUT Proposal, coordinated the SDR activities within the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) and was editor in 2002 of the WWRF SDR White Paper “Reconfigurable SDR Equipment and Supporting Networks – Reference Models and Architectures”. He led the preparation of the complete FP6 E2R Programme (E2R I and II Proposals), managed the E2R I Project and is currently managing the E2R II Project, while preparing the FP7 E3 Project Proposal.


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